Yummy Bazaar Full Experience October 2016 Subscription Box Review

This is a review of the Yummy Bazaar Subscription Box. They offer a monthly subscription where you get 6-8 authentic food products from a different country each month. In addition, several recipes are included that incorporate a few of the food products. I gifted a 6-month subscription to my husband, Scott, for his birthday. It’s $35.95 a month. We are 6 months in and have received a Russia box, a Korea box, an America box, a France box, an Italy box, and a Spain box. This review is of the Spain Box. As you can see, I’m behind on my box reviews and I’m trying to get caught up so I might be posting a lot of subscription box reviews in the upcoming weeks to get caught up! I was excited to get a Spain box because I minored in Spanish in college and did a study abroad in Spain for a summer where I lived with a Spanish-speaking only family. The family provided all of my meals, so I have a little bit of experience with authentic Spanish cuisine. My favorite dish while in Spain was paella, which is a rice dish with different meats and seafood and saffron. So, when I opened up this box and saw the main ingredients for paella, including a recipe for “Authentic Spanish Paella”, I was very excited. Unfortunately, the recipe did not deliver. It did not include the flavors that I typically associate with paella. You should be able to taste the saffron, but there wasn’t enough of it in this seasoning mix to taste. The dish just tasted like a classic chicken and rice dish. I definitely won’t be using that recipe again. Here’s a flashback to my time in Spain!

Here are the 7 full-sized products:

The first item we sampled was ChocoHigos Hand-Dipped Chocolate Figs ($9.45). Scott really enjoyed these. He’s not a dessert person and doesn’t like things that are super sweet (the opposite of me). These were just the right amount of sweetness for him.

The second item was Turron de Alicante by Pablo Garrigos Ibanez ($9.95). This is made from almonds, honey, egg whites, sugar, and wafer. It was interesting, more nutty than sweet, but I liked it.

The third item was Sweet Olive Oil Tortas by Ines Rosales ($5.45). I was expecting this to be softer like a bread, but it’s hard like a cracker … a very large cracker. There is sugar on top, so it is sweet and this one is anise flavored, which isn’t my favorite flavor in the world.

The fourth item was Paella Seasoning with Saffron ($4.95). It’s a bad sign when the first ingredient listed is food coloring. The brochure says that by using this seasoning you can skip many steps from a paella recipe. I disagree!!! This seasoning is no good for an authentic paella.

The fifth item was Authentic Spanish Chorizo Iberico by Palacios ($12.95). The good thing about cured meats like this is that they keep for a long time, which is good because I don’t cook with it very often.

The sixth item was Authentic Spanish Paella Rice by Matiz ($7.95). This type of rice is essential for a paella or a risotto because it is able to absorb a lot of liquid and become almost creamy. I just used some of this rice to make a mushroom risotto that was really yummy.

The seventh item was Sweet Piquillo Peppers by La Catedral ($9.95). I haven’t opened these yet, but they are sweet and smoky and good for sandwiches or soup.

This wasn’t my favorite box mainly because of the paella disappointment. The recipes that they include with each box seem to be pretty weak. I think they would be better off not including a recipe. The cost of the food items adds up to $56.20, which is well over the $35.95 that I paid for the box. I’m enjoying trying foods from different countries. We decided to continue this subscription for another six months as my birthday present. The next box, which we have already received, is Scandinavia.

Yummy Bazaar also has an on-line store where you can buy the products featured in the box. If you are interested in trying any of the products, use this code to receive $10 off a $30 order: http://r.sloyalty.com/r/v3hWzLiotBlp (note: this code does not work for the subscription box, only for the food products in their shop).

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