Yummy Bazaar Full Experience November 2016 Subscription Box Review

This is a review of the Yummy Bazaar Subscription Box. They offer a monthly subscription where you get 6-8 authentic food products from a different country each month. In addition, several recipes are included that incorporate a few of the food products. I gifted a 6-month subscription to my husband, Scott, for his birthday. It’s $35.95 a month. We are 6 months in and have received a Russia box, a Korea box, an America box, a France box, an Italy box, and a Spain box. So, the 6 month gift subscription is over, but Scott gifted me a 6 month subscription for my birthday, so here’s the start of the next six months! This first box of my 6 month subscription is a Scandinavian box. I was excited to see this because I don’t know anything about Scandinavian food. Here’s a look at the spread.

The first product was Spicy Swedish Mustard by Slotts ($8.99). Mustard seems to be a popular item in food subscription boxes. I’ve received quite a few mustards from different countries, I guess it’s a universal condiment. I tried this on a turkey and cheese sandwich and it was good. It contains whole mustard seeds as well. It was nice to have a little bit of texture.

The second product is Swedish Lingonberry Syrup ($6.99). The directions said to mix 1 part of this syrup to 4 parts sparkling water. This was too sweet for me, so I ended up just mixing a tiny bit, maybe a tablespoon of the syrup in a glass of sparkling water. It gave the water just a little bit of flavor and the bottle lasted a long time. I enjoyed it.

The third product is Norwegian Flatbread by Ideal ($5.99). It was interesting because I received this same cracker, just the american product labeling in a different subscription box (Degustabox). This is a very bland cracker when eaten alone. It definitely needs a soup or a dip to be dunked in.

The fourth product is Mokkabonner Coffee Chocolates by Nidar ($9.99). These chocolates were the size and shape of coffee beans. I like the combination of chocolate and coffee and these didn’t last long.


The fifth product is Norwegian Fiskeboller Fish Balls ($9.99). A recipe came with this in the brochure to make a cream sauce for the fish balls. I have to admit that these didn’t sound very appealing to me. Fish balls in a can, I mean, it doesn’t sound very good. Apparently this is a classic Scandinavian dish, so we had to give it a try, right!? This can did sit there for quite a while getting passed over for other things, but one night I had a salad planned for dinner that was very low in calories and we needed something to go with it. So….fish balls! It was really easy to whip up, just butter, flour, cream, salt, pepper, and some of the brine from the can. We were pleasantly surprised by this one. I really liked it and would buy it again. It was kind of like a fish cake but in the ball form. That’s what I love most about this subscription box is discovering things that I would not have otherwise considered trying.

The sixth product is Swedish Ginger Snaps by Lars ($5.95). This was a nice, crisp ginger snap. Ginger snaps are not my cookie of choice, but I enjoyed them.

The seventh product is Premium Sweet Liquorice by Lakritsfabrikan ($2.95). It seems like people either love or hate black licorice, there’s no in between. I’m on the hater side, but I didn’t mind this one too much. It had a nice saltiness to it.

The eighth product is Swedish Gooseberry Preserves by Hafi ($6.99). I tried this on a piece of toasted bread and it had a nice sweetness and tartness to it.

I am back to enjoying this box after the disappointment of the Spain box. I’m always excited to try new things from countries that I might never travel to. The cost of the food items adds up to $57.88, which is well over the $35.95 that I paid for the box. The next box, which we have already received, is a holiday themed box with products from all different countries.

Yummy Bazaar also has an on-line store where you can buy the products featured in the box. If you are interested in trying any of the products, use this code to receive $10 off a $30 order: http://r.sloyalty.com/r/v3hWzLiotBlp (note: this code does not work for the subscription box, only for the food products in their shop). Just think, you could get $30 worth of fish balls for only $20 – winner!

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