Yummy Bazaar Full Experience August Subscription Box Review

I recently discovered the Yummy Bazaar Subscription Box. They offer a monthly subscription where you get 6-8 authentic food products from a different country each month. In addition, several recipes are included that incorporate a few of the food products. I gifted a 6-month subscription to my husband, Scott, for his birthday. It’s $35.95 a month. We are 4 months in and have received a Russia box, a Korea box, an America box, and a France box. This review is of the France Box.

Here are the 8 full-sized products:


The first item we tried was French Macarons by Fossier ($8.95). These were little crunchy, one bite sweets. They tasted the way I expected a macaroon to taste. I have enjoyed them.


The second item we tried was the Dried Mixed French Mushrooms by Sabarot ($6.95). A recipe was included in the booklet to make French Mushroom Soup using the dried mushrooms. It was a simple recipe, basically a homemade cream of mushroom soup. We enjoyed it.



The third item was a French Gingerbread Honey Cake by Maison Peltier ($7.95). This cake was not what I expected. It was definitely more honey than gingerbread. It also has an anise (licorice) flavor to it. Scott did not like it at all. He didn’t even finish the slice I gave him. I was unsure about it at first, but the flavor has grown on me and I actually enjoy it. The cake was a little dry, but we also didn’t open it right away.dsc_0028img_3489

The fourth item is French potato chips by Sibell ($4.95). The chips are made from 100% French ingredients and are Herb de Provence flavored. I’m excited to try these to see if they differ from American chips.


The fifth item is Salmon Rillettes with Lemon and Dill by Mouettes d’Arvor ($7.75). We had this on the toasts listed next. It was good and our oldest liked it too.


Item number six is Croquets de Provence by Biscuiterie ($7.95). These are goat cheese crackers with almonds in them. These had a very subtle goat cheese flavor, but when combined with the salmon spread, you couldn’t taste the goat cheese.


The seventh item is French Ratatouille by Karine & Jeff ($7.95). This sounds good, just have to figure out how to serve it, in a bowl, on crackers?


The last item is Crepe Mix by Francine ($7.95). There is also a recipe included to make the crepes. We’ll have to decide whether to make savory or sweet crepes or maybe a combination of both.


This was another enjoyable box, I’m excited to try the rest. The cost of the food items adds up to $60.40, which is well over the $35.95 that I paid for the box.We need to have a crepe party or something. We still have a crepe mix from the Russia box that we haven’t tried yet. I’m enjoying trying foods from different countries. I asked Scott to continue this subscription for my birthday present, so we will end up getting it for a year, yay! The next box, which we have already received, is Italy.

Yummy Bazaar also has an on-line store where you can buy the products featured in the box. If you are interested in trying any of the products, use this code to receive $10 off a $30 order: http://r.sloyalty.com/r/v3hWzLiotBlp (note: this code does not work for the subscription box, only for the food products in their shop).

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