St. Patty’s Pub Party 2017

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Since the kids had so much fun with the Cupid’s Crazy Cafe dinner in February, I decided to do something fun for St. Patrick’s Day too. I checked out the Dating Divas site again to see if they had anything fun and what do you know they had the same dinner plan just St. Patrick’s Day themed. They have a lot of cool stuff on their site for kids and adults. You should check it out! We decided to go for an Irish and green-colored food theme for our dinner. I also happen to have a lot of green glassware, so that worked out nicely for this meal. Here’s a look at our menu cheat sheet:

The milk for the kids and wine for adults:

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Green Fruit Skewers

Lime Jello

Green Beans with a Twist

Shamrock Punch – Lime Sherbet and Gingerale

Cream Cheese and Pesto Toasts

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Green M&Ms

I did a cooking demonstration at my MOPS meeting this week and I was talking about ways to help kids be more adventurous eaters. One of my tips was to let the kids help prepare the meals. I need to take this advice more often myself. I’m reluctant to let them help sometimes because I can do it faster myself or I don’t want to clean up a big mess. But the truth is that they LOVE to help, so I’m going to try to let them help more often. They helped me make several components of this meal, so here you go:

Addison chopped the carrots and Ryan cut up the cabbage for our corned beef and cabbage dish. I have a set of kids knives from Curious Chef that they use.

Whisking the Jello

Skewering the Fruit

Helping add ingredients for cookies

Adding M&Ms to the cookies

Now we’re ready to get started. This meal works the same at the Crazy Cupid Cafe dinner. Each person orders their meal without knowing what food the number stands for. This is the fun part!

There were also hats to print out for the kids. I decided not to do adult hats this time. They were tedious to cut out! I do have a nifty laminator, so all these printables will be ready to go next year!

Also place mat printables

On to our first course – Addison had milk and corned beef and cabbage first

Ryan is enjoying his shamrock punch and green beans first.

Jackson started with Fruit and Jello

Scott started with corned beef and cabbage and fruit

I was the winner of the night, I got to have wine and a cookie first! Done, who needs anything else?! I will say though that the wine and cookie did not go very well together, not a very good pairing. The dinner was a lot of fun and the kids are looking forward to the next one. Stay tuned for our next eating adventure!

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