Shark Week 2017

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Shark Week!!! Last week was shark week. If you are not familiar with it, it’s one week of the year where the Discovery Channel has only shows about sharks playing for a whole week. I was unaware of this until having boys who are obsessed with sharks. Last year was really the first year that they were really into watching it and they have been excited about watching the shark shows since shark week last year. So this year I decided to have some of their friends over and have a shark party. I did some searching on Pinterest and found some shark related food ideas as well as some photo booth ideas. I’m normally not a super crafty person, but I decided to go for it and make a few shark props out of some cardboard that we had laying around. I had fun making them, now I just need more excuses to use them, maybe a shark themed birthday party in the future…. Everyone that came to our shark party brought a shark themed food or drink to share. Here’s what we had:

Scott and I made a watermelon carved into a shark.

I also mixed up Red Crystal Light and called it shark blood. This was a hit with my kids, they kept asking for blood to drink the rest of the week.

The last food item that I made was shark cupcakes. I love the way these turned out!

I also put strawberry jam in the middle to look like blood when you bit into it, but it’s hard to see in the picture.

Here are some of the snacks that our friends brought – Ocean Water

Jello with Whipped Cream

Shark Food

We had a couple of other things that I didn’t manage to get pictures of.

And now for our shark-themed photo booth:

And the second one

So there you have it – the Friends Shark Week Party 2017 – maybe this will become an annual gig!


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