Chicken Potpie Unwrapped

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Chicken potpie is a comfort food for many people, but with the creamy filling and pastry crust, it can be pretty high in fat and calories. This “unwrapped” version has the yummy flavors of chicken potpie, but less cream sauce … Continued

School Lunch Idea #19

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Pasta Salad with bell peppers, chicken, spinach, mandarin oranges and an Asian vinaigrette, Carrots with ranch, Blackberries, and Strawberries

School Lunch Idea #18

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Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Tortellini tossed with basil pesto, Grapes, Clementine, Carrots with Ranch  – The tortellini has been a favorite for Jackson. I made enough for the week on Sunday evening, then packing lunch in the morning was a … Continued

Spinach and Bacon Bread Pudding

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Who doesn’t like bread pudding for dessert? Well this is a savory version that makes a great dinner. Bacon makes everything better! We really enjoyed this recipe and the kids all ate it well, which I was a little surprised … Continued

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