Our Family – A Story Told by Cakes

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This post is a little bit different than most that I do. I’ve been taking an online blogging course and one of the tips that I’ve learned is that your readers want to get to know you. I know that a lot of you already know me because most of my followers right now are friends/family. I hope you enjoy the pictures – kids and cake!

My husband and I started the tradition when we first started dating to make a birthday cake for each other on every birthday. So it started out with just some sort of cake from scratch, the way it looked really didn’t matter, it was the taste we were after. I think I made a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting for his birthday the first time, then various other cakes over the years. He now has a favorite that I make every year – a healthier version of a carrot cake with a cream cheese and goat cheese frosting. He makes a coconut cream cheese layer cake for my birthday every year.

When our first child was born and turned one, we carried on the tradition by making a cake and cupcakes for his party. This is where the craziness began. We set the bar high and have continued to try to meet it each year. I usually bake the cakes and Scott does the decorating. We’re always up until midnight the night before the party finishing the cake decorating, well really Scott does most of the decorating with me nearby for moral support saying, we should have just bought a cake. The first few years, we used a Wilton cake pan, which makes it easy to make a nice looking cake, it’s still tedious to decorate.

Year two was Elmo themed with another Wilton Cake pan and cupcakes.

So, the third year we had 2 kids to make cakes for, so we went for another Wilton cake pan with cupcakes and an attempt at a cupcake cake (this is probably our least successful cake to date).


Moving right along to the 4th year. The Superman cake was made with another Wilton cake pan. We had a repeat this year for Ryan’s 2nd birthday, we did the Elmo cake again – trying to get more use out of those cake pans!

For Year 5, we had 3 cakes to make. Their birthdays are all 2 months apart, so at least we have 2 months to recover before the next cake! This might have been our easiest year to date. Both boys were into ninja turtles, so we made these cupcakes for both birthdays. Then Addison’s first birthday was cupcakes as well. Can you tell we were tired this year?

Back to cakes for Year 6 and trying some new techniques. Jackson had dinosaur cupcakes for school, then a lego cake for his party. We used silicone molds to make the legos out of white chocolate. It turned out cute, but making the chocolate legos was definitely time consuming! The Marshall Paw Patrol cake was a new technique, which I’ll talk about later in this post. For the horse cake, we found a tutorial on-line showing how to cut round cakes to make the horse shape. This was definitely a fun cake year!

Year 7 – This year we had a transformer cake, The Hulk, and Paw Patrol cupcakes


And now for this year – we’ve only made one cake so far, but it was a fun one. Star Wars! So, I’m going to share how we put these sometimes elaborate pictures on cakes. We are definitely not free-styling. Although Scott is very talented in many ways, he is not drawing these by hand. First we pick a picture on the internet that we want to put on the cake, it’s usually a coloring page. Then we tape it on the counter with a piece of wax paper taped over it. Next, use clear piping gel (you can add color to it if you are going to be using a colored icing) to trace the picture onto the wax paper. When done tracing, flip the wax paper onto the cake in the spot where you want to picture to be. This will leave the image on the cake and you can then fill it in with icing. In case you are in need of a good cake recipe, the cake part of this recipe is my go-to cake recipe when making a sheet cake.


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