March 2017 Degusta Box Review

I originally tried this Degusta box as a Black Friday deal with the intention of cancelling it after the first box. But, I ended up liking it so much that I have decided to keep going with it. It costs $19.99/month. The box consists of 10-15 full-size food products each month. These are usually new-release or new packaging products that haven’t hit the grocery store yet. You can fill out surveys about the products to earn points towards a free box. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much stuff was included in this box when I opened it.

The March box featured the ten items pictured below.

This first product is Good Thins Sweet Potato Crackers ($3.69). ($2.63 at Target) These were really good, a light, thin cracker with a nice sweet potato flavor. The Good Thin crackers come in lots of different flavors. I have since tried other flavors and they have all been pretty good.

The second product is Mrs. Thinster’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Thins ($2.99). I had seen these in the grocery store and hadn’t really been tempted by them because I prefer a soft cookie. I was pleasantly surprised by these. They are really good and it’s a good option if you want a little something sweet without breaking the bank as far as calories go. I may have to try the other flavors.

The third product is Tolerant Organic Chickpea Pasta ($4.99). This was my first time trying a pasta made with chickpeas and I thought it was good. I couldn’t really tell a difference from regular pasta made from wheat. No one in our house has a gluten allergy, but this will be a good option for when we need a gluten-free pasta for guests. This pasta is also high in protein and fiber and has a full serving of vegetables.

I ended up making a pea puree as the sauce to go with the pasta – yummy!

The fourth product is Goya Quinoa Blend ($2.99). This is a blend of black beans, quinoa, and bell peppers. I haven’t tried this one yet, but hopefully will soon.

The fifth product is Loacker Dark-Noir wafer cookies ($3.99). There were three of these cookies, individually wrapped, and they were yummy.

The sixth product is Paul’s Quinoa bars ($7.49). These are granola bars made with quinoa, nuts, and seeds. I didn’t try this because it contained ingredients that don’t agree with me. Scott tried it because he eats a lot of bar-type snacks every day. He wasn’t fond of this one and the box just sat in the cabinet for a long time until I finally gave them to the kids to eat. They seemed to like them, but this seems like a pricey granola bar to me.

The seventh product is Energems in Mint Dark Chocolate flavor ($6.99). The name of these made me chuckle because the kids have been really into watching Power Rangers lately and there is something in the show called energems that give the power rangers power. I don’t think it’s the same thing, ha ha! These tasted ok and one serving (3 gems) is equivalent to a cup of coffee. I couldn’t really detect an energy burst from eating these, but I have a hard time telling a difference anyway with products like these.

The eighth product is a peanut butter and jelly Croissant by 7 Days ($1.49). This tasted good, but it’s pretty high in calories and fat, so I probably wouldn’t buy this on a regular basis. I took a taste and let the kids split the rest.

Here are my little helpers while I was taking pictures. They were ready for me to finish so they could eat it!

The ninth product is Boboli Pizza Crust ($4.99). I had bought this product before and liked it. We usually make pizza crust from scratch, but this is a tasty option when you don’t have time to make it.

I ended up using the crust to make a sausage and fennel pizza.

The tenth product is Lemoncocco ($1.59), which is a lemon and coconut flavored drink. It is not carbonated and would probably be good as a mixer or to make popsicles. It’s not something that I would buy to drink by itself.

I am really enjoying this box. It has been fun to try new foods and foods that I might not have bought otherwise, for a lower cost. I would say that my favorite find from this month are the good thins crackers. I will also probably re-buy the Mrs. Thinsters cookies, the chickpea pasta, and the buboli crust. You can cancel this box at any time. It is normally $19.99/month which is much lower than the cost of the food. The value of this box added up to $41.20. If anyone is interesting in trying a box, you can try the first box for $9.99 using this link or entering this discount code – JENNIFERF-1FF4.

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