Graze Subscription Box Review #7

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This is my seventh box from Graze  and I’ve enjoyed trying the different snacks. Recap – I started by going to their website and looking through all the snack options. For each snack you can choose – trash, try, like, love. They won’t send you anything that you put in the trash category. After you try the snacks, you can change the options based on what you liked. The snacks are all non-GMO with all natural ingredients. The nutrition information is also included for each snack. Here they are:

The first snack was Grilled Cheese with sweet mustard breadsticks, cheddar bruschetta, and smoked cashews. I’ve had this one before and really liked it. The combination of the three different flavors work well together. I have this in the love category.

The second snack is Sweet Rhubarb Jam with dried rhubarb, apples, and cranberries. I liked this one but I prefer the snacks that do not have dried fruit. I put this one in the trash category.

The third snack is Creamy Ranch Kern Pops with half popped corn kernels with ranch flavoring. I liked this with the crunchy ranch flavor. I put this in the like category.

The fourth snack was Pumpkin Spice Flapjack with rolled oats and pumpkin spice flavoring. As with all the other flapjacks I have tried, I liked this one as well and put it in the love category.

The fifth snack is Peaches and Cream with Belgian white chocolate, peach gummy drops, and coconut and vanilla cookie drops. This was really good, especially all together. I put this one in the love category.

The sixth is Peanut Butter and Jelly with salted peanuts, raspberry strings, and vanilla fudge. This one was also good and I put it in the like category.

The seventh snack is Booster Seeds with Sunflower, Pumpkin, and Flaxseeds. I liked this, but put it in the trash category because I prefer some of the other seed mixtures over this one.

The eighth snack is the Caramel Apple Dip. I have gotten this one before and loved it, so I’ll keep it in the love category.

I’m really enjoying this snack subscription, it’s always exciting to get a new box and see what new snacks await! I should get four more boxes.

If you are interested in giving Graze a try, you can enter this code D5YVKVMVP and get your first and fifth box for free. They have different price and frequency options.

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  1. Carolyn

    I just got this. It’s my second box. I had the pumpkin flapjacks this morning. I love pumpkin but did not care for this. Some other flavor in it like maybe spice as the use in pumpkin spice did not taste good to me. I also did not like the Korn pop. I got the kettle corn one and just thought it weird. I did like my other flapjacks.

    • Jen F

      Yay, glad you’re trying it. I can see what you mean about the pumpkin flapjacks. I did like them, but they were heavily spiced. It’s a fun box to try. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Marielena Schasse

    Jen, would you please tell me the Sodium content of at least five of them? Thanks

    • Jen F

      Here’s a link to all the snacks they have available For each snack there’s a “more information” link. Click that to see the nutritional info including the sodium. You could put the ones with high sodium in your trash category, then they wouldn’t send those to you.

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