Graze Subscription Box Review #5

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This is my fifth box from Graze  and I’ve enjoyed trying the different snacks. Recap – I started by going to their website and looking through all the snack options. For each snack you can choose – trash, try, like, love. They won’t send you anything that you put in the trash category. After you try the snacks, you can change the options based on what you liked. The snacks are all non-GMO with all natural ingredients. The nutrition information is also included for each snack. Here they are:

The first snack is Snickerdoodle Dip with cinnamon flavored pretzel sticks. This was good and was reminiscent of snicker-doodle cookies. I put these in the like category.

The second snack is Chinese Shiitake Soup. This wasn’t bad, but I prefer not to get soup as a snack so I put it in the trash category.

The third snack is Antioxidant Vitamin E nuts which contained brazil nuts, almonds, pecans, and peanuts. These were good, but nothing special. I put them in my trash category.

The fourth snack is Sriracha Crunch which contains sriracha peas, half popped corn kernels, and jumbo corn. I liked this one, it had a nice spice to it. I put it in my like category, but it looks like they have changed it up and it now has peas, cashews, peanuts, and sesame sticks.

The fifth snack is Super Kale and Edamame which contains edamame beans and kale chips with chia and cashew butter. I enjoyed this one and put it in my like category.

The sixth snack is the original protein flapjack with rolled oats, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. The flapjacks are one of my favorite snacks. While they are higher in calories, they make a great pre or post workout snack. I put this in the love category.

The seventh snack is raspberry coconut muffin which consists of raspberry cranberries, coconut, amaretti drops, and almonds. I enjoyed this one and put it in my like category.

The final snack is Garden of England which consists of mini strawberries, soft apple pieces and black currants. This is good, but I put it in my trash category because dried fruit isn’t that exciting to me.

I’m really enjoying this snack subscription, it’s always exciting to get a new box and see what new snacks await!

If you are interested in giving Graze a try, you can enter this code D5YVKVMVP and get your first and fifth box for free. They have different price and frequency options.

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