Graze Subscription Box #1

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My mother and father-in-law gifted me a subscription to Graze for my birthday. Yay! I started by going to their website and looking through all the snack options. For each snack you can choose – trash, try, like, love. They won’t send you anything that you put in the trash category. After you try the snacks, you can change the options based on what you liked. The snacks are all non-GMO with all natural ingredients. The nutrition information is also included for each snack. My first box had 8 snacks to try. I’m only allowing myself to eat one of these snacks a day. It would be so easy to eat them all the same day! Here they are:

The first snack I tried was the Salted Fudge Peanut Cookie. There were salted peanuts, redskin peanuts, little chocolate cookie pieces, and fudge bits. It was yummy, a nice sweet treat. I put this one in the like category.


The next one I tried was the Grilled Cheese. This included Mustard Breadsticks, Cheese toasts, and smoked cashews. I loved this one and I hope to get it again in another box. I rarely get to enjoy cashews because my oldest son has a severe allergy to them, but this was a nice snack for me to have while running errands while my son was at school. I put this one in the love category.

The third one I tried was the Super Forest Fruits. This contained dried blueberries, lingonberries, apples, and cherry raisins. This was good, but I probably won’t get it again because I would be just as happy buying some dried fruits at the grocery store. I put this one in my trash category.


The fourth one I tried was Peach Cobbler, which included peach fruit drops, Almond slivers, yogurt seeds, and amaretti drops. This one was yummy as well and will go in my like category.



The Herby Bread Basket contained basil flavored toasts, garlic crostini, and oregano flavored rice crackers. This was good, the little basil flavored sticks were my favorite part of it. This one will go in the like category.

Sweet Mustard Ranch contains pretzels, sour cream and onion cashews, and mustard breadsticks. You can’t go wrong with ranch flavored snacks. This one will also go in my like category.

Triple Berry Smoothie contains mini dried strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, and chewy dried banana slices. This is good, the strawberries were my favorite part. I’ll put this in my trash category, just because I like the other snacks better, just personal preference.

The Cheese Board contains cheese flavored cashews, cheese croutons, and herb crackers. Another good one that will go in my like category.


I really enjoyed these snacks. It was convenient to throw one in my purse when running errands and not worrying about it spilling. I got my second box today and the snacks look even more delicious than my first box. There are 8 new snacks that I haven’t tried yet. Stay tuned 8 days from now to find out what they are!

If you are interested in giving Graze a try, you can enter this code D5YVKVMVP and get your first and fifth box for free. They have different price and frequency options.

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