Freezer Food Group

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This post is more a cooking idea than a recipe. I’m in a moms group and we do a freezer food group from time to time. Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick a crock pot recipe that can be frozen in a zip lock bag.
  2. Make a number of them to swap with others. We usually make 5 (keep one and swap 4).
  3. Swap with others so you come home with 5 different meals.
  4. Pull out of the freezer, dump in the crock pot for the day, and dinner’s done!

This is great because it’s much quicker to prepare 5 of the same meal at one shot, than five different meals. I love having these meals in the freezer for busy days.

Here’s an example of a recent swap. I made 5 bags of Salsa Verde Chicken. I swapped and came home with Lemon Garlic Chicken, Lasagna Soup, Pork Chops and Potatoes, and Smoky Vegetarian Chili.


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