February 2017 Degusta Box Review

I originally tried this Degusta box as a Black Friday deal with the intention of cancelling it after the first box. But, I ended up liking it so much that I have decided to keep going with it. It costs $19.99/month. The box consists of 10-15 full-size food products each month. These are usually new-release or new packaging products that haven’t hit the grocery store yet. You can fill out surveys about the products to earn points towards a free box. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much stuff was included in this box when I opened it.

The February box contained nine products plus 2 extras that were not included on the information sheet. I haven’t been able to figure out why the extras are included (not that I’m complaining). I’ve gotten extra products in every box except for my most recent (March).


The first product was Popchips Ridges in salted and tangy barbeque flavors ($1.59 each). I’ve had Popchips before, but not the ones with ridges. I like these chips – tasty, non-greasy, a little lighter than regular chips. I would definitely buy these again.

The second product was Coco Chips ($2.99). I had not had this brand before, but there are quite a few brands out there that make these coconut chips. I definitely enjoyed these as I have a weakness for all things coconut!

The third product was Walkers Shortbread cookies ($4.49). This was a good shortbread cookie. It would be good with chocolate fondue.

The fourth product was Nando’s Peri Peri Hot Sauce ($5.99). Scott was excited to see a hot sauce in the box. He is a big fan of hot sauce and puts it on almost everything he eats. He is enjoying this one and I took a taste and it has a nice flavor.

The fifth product was Splendier Calorie Clever Spaghetti ($2.49). I haven’t tried this yet, but it is made with konjac flour, which I’ve never heard of, but is apparently a tuber (root). This “pasta” only has 10 calories per serving and is a good source of fiber. To prepare these noodles, you drain and rinse them, then put them in hot water for 1 minute. I need to give these a try soon. Also, I went to a Weight Watchers meeting this week and they sell a “pasta” made from konjac flour so it must be a popular thing.

The sixth produce was Ricola Herbal Immunity Lozenges, Citrus Herb flavor ($13.99). I was a little disappointed to receive these again. A different flavor was included a few months ago. This is not a product that I would normally buy. The price seems high to me. However, I recently had a chest cold with a lot of coughing and these came in handy to soothe my throat.

The seventh product was PR Bar Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar ($2.07). I’m not a regular consumer of protein bars, but this tasted ok as far as protein bars go. I split it in half and had half on two different days since they are higher in calories.

The eighth product was Jones Soda in Orange Cream flavor ($1.79). This was really good, a nice cream-sickle like flavor. I’m not a regular soda drinker, but this was a nice treat. These sodas are made from natural cane sugar and they always have a cute picture on the label.

The ninth product was Green & Black’s Pure Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt bar ($3.49). This was a really good chocolate bar! Sometimes dark chocolate can be bitter, but the sea salt in this bar gives the dark chocolate a really nice flavor. I like to make these chocolate bars last. It usually takes me about a week to eat the whole thing.

These 2 packets of Spicy Mango Chile sauce were extras and I haven’t tried them yet, but they sound good.

These Wasa Thins with Sesame and Sea Salt were also an extra. I tried these with a marinated goat cheese spread and they were a great vessel for the goat cheese. They weren’t anything special alone. Definitely a cracker that needs a friend.

The last extra was a box of Go Organically Fruit snacks that were also included in last months box. My kids were happy to see these again!

I am really enjoying this box. It has been fun to try new foods and foods that I might not have bought otherwise, for a lower cost. You can cancel this box at any time. It is normally $19.99/month which is much lower than the cost of the food. The value of this box added up to $40.48 plus the value of the extras that were included. If anyone is interesting in trying a box, you can try the first box for $9.99 using this link or entering this discount code – JENNIFERF-1FF4.






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