April 2017 Degusta Box Review

Degusta box is my favorite subscription box. It costs $19.99/month. The box consists of 10-15 full-size food products each month. These are usually new-release or new packaging products that haven’t hit the grocery store yet. You can fill out surveys about the products to earn points towards a free box. I’ve earned one free box so far from doing a video review of one of the products. I usually find at least one product per month that is a new discovery for me. As you can see, I’m really behind on my subscription box reviews, but I’d still like to share them in case you see something you’d like to try. The cost of the products that I put on here are what they provided on the information card. I’m sure the cost will vary per grocery store.

There is always an information card provided that gives a description of each product and the retail value. The info card also has a recipe on the back using one of the products included in the box. This month it was a recipe for Mug Brownies using the Caramel Candy Melts as a topping. I haven’t tried the recipe, but it sounds pretty tasty.

The first item is Garlic Peri Peri sauce by Nando’s ($5.99). Anyone who knows or has eaten a meal with my husband knows that he puts hot sauce on EVERYTHING! He was excited to try this brand. It has a nice amount of heat and garlic flavor and will definitely be used in our house!

The second item is a bag of caramel chews by Lovely Candy ($2.49). These caramels were made without artificial colors or flavors and they were tasty, but I wouldn’t expect otherwise because….Caramels!

The third item is a PR Bar Protein Bar ($2.07) in Yogurt Berry Flavor. I’m not one to buy protein bars, but this one wasn’t bad. I split it in half and had it on two different days as a snack.

The fourth item is tomato paste by Mutti ($2.99). We definitely use a lot of tomato paste at our house, especially in the winter when making soups. I can’t remember now what recipe I used this for but it is handy to have it in tube form if you don’t need the whole amount.

The fifth item is Better Oats Instant Oatmeal in Maple Brown Sugar flavor ($3.99). This oatmeal also has flax seeds, which gives it a nice texture. I really enjoyed it and have bought it again. I also love how the oatmeal packet doubles as a measuring cup, so easy!

The sixth product is Zenify drink ($2.00). The claim is that this drink contains the same amount of antioxidants as 15 cups of green tea and helps you stay sharp and focused without caffeine. I couldn’t really tell a difference, but hey, it may work.

The seventh product was Bush’s Hummus Made Easy ($2.29) and a can of Bush’s Garbanzo Beans ($1.00). I love that they provided both products so that I had everything I needed to make the hummus. It was really easy to make, you just put the hummus mixture and the drained can of beans in a blender and it’s done. Yummy!

The eighth product is Wilton Candy Drizzles in Salted Caramel Flavor ($1.99). You melt them in the bag in your microwave, then drizzle over a yummy dessert or ice cream. As mentioned above, they provided a brownie recipe to use this for. This is the only product in this box that I haven’t tried yet, but it’s in my cabinet waiting…

The ninth product is Steady Energy Energy Shots in Double Chocolate Flavor and Expresso Chocolate Flavor. They didn’t put a value on these and I couldn’t find them online, so I’m guessing a couple of dollars per shot?? I liked the flavor of these, but they were really thick and hard to get out of the container. For something so thick, they might want to consider a different kind of packaging. The consistency reminds me of the energy gels that they give out during a race.

The tenth product is Wild Planet organic free range chicken in a can ($4.99). I used this to make a Chicken, Peach, and Gorgonzola Pizza with a Balsamic reduction (Pictured below). I was pleasantly surprised by this canned chicken. It was a lot better than canned chicken that I have tried in the past, I would buy it again.

The eleventh product is Cafe Bustelo Instant Espresso Coffee Packets ($1.29). I’m not a coffee drinker, but my husband drank them and reported that it was better than other instant coffee that he has tried.

The twelfth product is Chiridos chips ($1.49 each). I was most excited to try these because they are made with cricket protein, which is high in iron and low in fat and earth friendly. I know that this doesn’t sound appealing to some people, but you would really never know that these were made from crickets without being told. I would definitely buy these again. I got to try three flavors – Buttermilk Ranch, Spicy Mole, and Salsa Verde. The ranch was my favorite of the three. These aren’t currently available in regular grocery stores, but you can get them from Amazon Prime.

There was a thirteenth bonus product that was included that wasn’t listed on the information card. Felix brand Lingonberry jam – this is a Swedish product. I can’t say that I’ve ever had anything lingonberry before, but the taste reminds me of cranberries with a little bit of tartness. I’m not sure about the value, but I’d guess around $5??

I felt like this month was a good mix of products to try and the value of the products I estimated to be around $45, which is great for the $20 price. There are several products that I will definitely purchase again, but my favorite has to be the churidos chips. You can cancel this box at any time. It is normally $19.99/month which is much lower than the cost of the food. If anyone is interested in trying a box, you can try the first box for $9.99 using this link or entering this discount code – JENNIFERF-1FF4.

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