School Lunch Idea #23

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My kids are always begging for the lunchables that they see a lot of kids having at school. Here’s my version. I bought the frozen uncooked dinner rolls (what people use to make monkey bread) and stretched those out and … Continued

My Week With an Instant Pot

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So, I’m sure most of you have heard of the instant pot electric pressure cooker and some of you probably have one. I’ve been debating about getting one for several years now, but haven’t taken the plunge for several reasons. … Continued

School Lunch Idea #22

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The boys asked for macaroni and cheese in their lunch this week, so I decided to get a little bit sneaky. These are macaroni and cheese muffins with pureed vegetables in the sauce (sssshhhh!!). Here’s a link to the recipe. … Continued

School Lunch Idea #21

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My oldest son has a tree nut allergy, so I prefer to pack his lunch to make sure he doesn’t have an accidental nut exposure. Sometimes he asks about buying lunch because he wants what the cafeteria is serving. I … Continued

School Lunch Idea #20

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It’s that time of year again, time to pack school lunches! I try to keep things interesting and pack a different lunch each week. This year I will have 2 lunches to pack, hopefully they can agree on the lunch … Continued

Shark Week 2017

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Shark Week!!! Last week was shark week. If you are not familiar with it, it’s one week of the year where the Discovery Channel has only shows about sharks playing for a whole week. I was unaware of this until … Continued